When the Councilperson says it, it is OK. When a residents suggests it

MR. KRASIENKO:   We have been having issues with contractor registration and have been  having meetings about permitting for the building being done in the city. We are running into, what I believe to be, a bigger problem of the ‘weekend warriors.’  They come in, work all day Saturday and Sunday, are in and out, and know the building inspectors are not working.  Can you investigate if it is possible for the police department to issue tickets or summons if there is not a permit displayed or when they cannot produce a permit.  It is problematic for someone to call on the weekend.  Come Monday morning, they are gone and we get the same old song and dance, we can’t prove who was there, etc.  We are missing out on permit fees and income taxes as well as the local contractors that are legitimate pay their taxes, insurance, workers comp, etc.  They are being excluded from those jobs because they cannot compete with an unlicensed, unscrupulous contractor. On that same note, we ran into that situation this weekend at a job site. The building department had been notified of this job prior, actually back in January and there has not been any action by the building department to locate that contractor or put a stop work order on the job to bring that contractor into compliance. There was material on the roof and they are working on weekends.  Of course, Mr. Desvari’s response was that they needed to catch them working.  In my opinion, once that material is on site and we know work is commencing, if there is not a permit for that address, we should by law slap a stop work order on them.  I would like the law department to investigate the address I spoke with you about earlier and involve the police in that investigation.   Find out if there was any criminal wrongdoing or fraud at that site. It was also brought to the building department’s attention the misrepresentation of a building permit at that same site that was considerably devalued and in my opinion, cheated the city out of several hundred dollars of permit fees for that job.  The building department as of this date has not followed up on that and I would like you to include that in your investigation. In my opinion, when they sign that application for a permit, if they undervalue the job to get a cheaper permit, that is fraud.  We obviously need to bring in an outside entity to do that investigation, get to the bottom of it, and find out why nothing was done over the past three months on those complaints.

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Saint Anthony’s is a beautiful church!

I believe that St. Anthony’s Church is the largest and mosted attended church on the cities East Side. I remember a few years back when the new gymnasium was built and they have done an OUTSTANDING JOB taking care of their beautiful property.

I think it is great that the neighbors do such a “knock out” job taking care of their properties also.

From a distance, the property across the street from St. Anthony’s doesn’t appear to look to bad. Just look at all of the BRAND NEW sidewalks and curbs that went in when the city restored Kansas Avenue.

A little bit of paint, wash the windows. Wouldn’t this be a great location for a pet store?

The owners says they’ll even throw in a free bird!

How much is that birdie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the feathered tail
How much is that birdie in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that birdies for sale

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This is one hell of a busy church!

I slightly believe that the parishners of this local church across from Days Park is a little on the militant side because the vehicles are covered with this new camofladge that looks just like vegitation!

I can say however that the people that worship here are very faithful because I have seen the same cars parked in the parking lots for at least two years!

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In my quest to promote the great job the city has done in redeveloping our city and inproving life for the residents, what a great project I spotted on one of our gateways into the city!

I believe that this was one of the first tenants of the East Side whatever it is called now-a-days park. The only thing missing is the required landscape buffer between the parking lot and road, but grass is landscaping, isn’t it?

TThe new Day Care center almost makes this gem of a property hardly noticable. The above ground fuel taks are obviously empty as the home that is locatefd directly behind the property really wouldn’t care if they ever blew up.


See how weel the property blends in with the residential property that is located next to it? Who would have guessed that a bunch of overgrown weeds would make such a pretty landscape buffer.

But seeing how the company does business with the city, I agree with the cities decision to not enforce the industrial zoning that this type of activity should be located within, because what the hell, zoning is for whimps!

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No problems here either.

In my quest to post the most positive attributes of our city and their great accomplishments, I bring to you another fine example of outstanding community improvement projects!

Morton BBQ Hut has been an eyesore along Elyria Avenue for many years. Littered with numerous utility vehicles and JUNK, the city has done a fine and outstanding job investing our tax dollars into improving this property.

This ain’t no lipstick on a pig! Notice the fine red van that’s in the picture during the renovation.

Sure wuz nice that the city let the owner keep some of his old hot rods to tinker with. Those investments are sure gonna pay off one day!

Looks like the building permits are still hanging in the windows and it sure is the keen eyes of the city are watching over this city project as we wouldn’t want the city missing anything obvious, like…

A very poorly and incomplete garage.

Or a completely safe and unattractive building for kids to play in.

Let’s not forget that vehicles like this are going to be worth a whole lotta money one of these years once they get that weathered look to em!

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No problems here.

Besides for a couple of minor cosmetic repairs that have absolutely no bearing on the structural integrity of the building, this property is going to become a great asset to the city, and the residents of the east side.

I was once accused by Madame Building Inspector as the guy that was causing all kinds of problems by taking pictures and posting them on the internet. I explained that it wasn’t me, but a friend of mine, Henrey Hawk.

Being the GOOD, WELL BEHAVED RESIDENT THAT I AM, and not wanting to alarm anyone of any problems, I have decided to take my own pictures today, and make lemonade out of lemons.

One of the finer qualities of this property is what appears to be a basement under at least two thirds of the property. Wanting to maximize the square footage with the smallest physical footprint is usually a great idea. I don’t know how deep the basement is, but if for some reason the Black River would ever flood Harborwalk, how much water does anyone think this basement would hold? I was thinking this MIGHT be a good place to put one of those alligator farms. Alligators ear mosquitoes anyways, don’t they?

I hear this building has a special mosquito repellent sprayed on the building to chase the mosquitoes away. I can tell the repellent really works because I was only bitten six times while I took these pictures.

The quality of the plywood that boards up the windows does a beautiful job of hiding the minor flaw of the sidewalk to the front door falling into the basement, that again, is a great asset to this property.

The minor cracks in the exterior walls that reach from the sidewalk all the way to the roof line are completely irrelevant, just like huge puddles of oil underneath a brand new car. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this building.

I was so impressed with this property, that I informed the mayors office about how special I thought this property was, and the administration must agree. When I checked the public records on this property I noticed that there are no pending cases against the owner in over a year that the city has been made aware it’s absolutely fine and outstanding condition.

This is really a SPECIAL BUILDING, as it can boast that it can stand up with the finest of new homes built on the cities East Side!

The best part about the property is the HUGE SKYLIGHT!

I am so glad the city has done such a great job cleaning up my side of twon. Hate to be the guy that rubs these folks the wrong way!

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Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump Dump

I see the old dump on the cities East Side has been reopened for business. I thought for a second that someone broke into the dump, but it is obvious that someone has a key.

I never saw dump fees in the cities income budget, so I guess the mayor has found some new revenue!!!!!

Click here to see dump truck driving into dump.

Sure looks like someone had a key!

These two cars were parked just outside the gates in a no parking zone.

Dump Truck with Brian Poyle Builders on the door driving out of dump

Dump at light at Colorado.

Back in 1998 or 1999, The port Authority commissioned the Landfill Environment Assessment Project for the  Root Road Landfill.

Ohio EPA ID 247-0473

I didn’t know that the facility was accepting any materials.

Sure was nice to get a nice contact list with everyone phone numbers from the EPA on it.

Can I stop by city hall and pick up my key?

The dump IS OPEN, isn’t it?

No Trespassing” signs were posted on the property yesterday as a deterrent to all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts who have been damaging the property, Romancak said.

In July, City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting ATVs from a former landfill on the site because they were destroying the methane gas cap on it.

Anyone caught trespassing on the property with an ATV can be subject to criminal damaging charges, a mandatory three-day jail sentence with a maximum jail sentence of up to 30 days, a $500 fine, according to Lorain Law Director Mark Provenza.

Under the ordinance, the ATVs or other vehicles that trespass on the property are considered contraband and subject to forfeiture, Provenza said.

Just to make sure I don’t get into any trouble, if you take an ATV to the dump, the city can take it, but dump trucks are OK?

I am just so confused.

The tires are tearing up the cap on that landfill.  They have successfully done so in several of those acres.  That allows the methane gas to seep through.  Anyone who would create a spark or have a campfire out there can cause an underground fire at quite a large expense for US Steel.  After June 12, that property will belong to us.  One fire cost them a couple hundred thousand to put out. The last fire they had there cost them about $30,000. If we can’t enforce the no trespassing, then we are just wasting our time and a great deal of money.  Our efforts will be undermined from the start.

The problem was explained by Mr. Prudoff

PRUDOFF:  Part of our plan in the industrial area is to put up a fence, however with a rot iron eight-foot fence there are so many ways into the 400-acre area that a fence would be impossible.  There are roadways the trucking companies take going in and out of Henderson.  There is no way you could provide security.  There is at least a dozen ways in this area.


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”I want the inspectors to do their job,” he said. ”But I want to know what made my property stand out.”

The citation was dated July 12, and Krasienko said he received it in the mail on July 19.

Krasienko also deserves an apology from Desvari for what the councilman sees as retaliation. We have no argument with that suspicion.
It looks to us like Lorain still has a problem. Morning Journal article

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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There is a new mayor in town

I would like to be able to plan ahead of time to anticipate retirements and changes in the police workforce so that we never have a reduction in man power on the streets because of retirements and waiting for rookies to be trained. I want to start to anticipate one, two and three years ahead of time when we should anticipate retirements … to be able to get these rookies on board and get them their year of training so that when retirements happen, these rookies are ready to step in and hit the streets so we never have a reduction in workforce.

You’ve been chair of council’s finance and claims committee and under the administration of former mayor Craig Foltin you said you didn’t want the deficit to increase by one dime. What will your administration do to cut the city’s deficit?

KRASIENKO: We’re going to spend as we go. I think out of everything, the one thing that mayor Foltin’s administration failed to do was react quickly enough to changes in the budget.

”When you see changes in revenue or you’re starting to anticipate a spike in expenditure that you don’t have the revenue to pay for, you’ve got to make those adjustments.

Can you give an example that?

KRASIENKO: We anticipated and had a pretty good notion from our insurance consultant that we were going to have a problem with our hospitalization fund this year. And people didn’t see that for what it was, that it was going to be an increase in an expenditure. And I had asked them to do a hiring freeze and not to add additional employees onto the general fund. I know they’re needed, but we still have to spend as they go. But they did hire — through council’s authority — two additional employees in engineering.

”Also, obviously, we want to try to spend less than the auditor anticipates (in revenue). This year is going to be tough. We’re going to go through, department by department. We’ve had some ideas of how we can consolidate some things and we’ll have to see how some of those ideas and plans pan out.


Lorain about $1.5M in debt: Deficit an increase from previous year by almost $200,000


LORAIN — City officials wrapped up the annual budget this week and the results, though expected, are grim.

The city is about $1.5 million in debt, which is an increase from last year by almost $200,000.

This is something you briefly touched on before. A big task you’ll face as soon as you take office is negotiation with several of the city’s unions, such as the firefighters, dispatchers and the United Steelworkers. What are some of the issues in these negotiations?

KRASIENKO: From labor’s side, they always want to be able to see a pace that allows them to keep their standard of living. If inflation goes up, they want the same spending power that they had last year.

From the city’s standpoint, we want a workforce that is effective and efficient. And unfortunately, in some of the contracts, there are some archaic work rules and language that should have been taken out a long time ago.

I think we can go into negotiations and come out with something that is mutually beneficial to both sides. Keeping in mind, again, that we’re still running a deficit and it appears — according to all the economists — that we are going to be going into a potential downturn in the economy. Though I think the industries we have in Lorain will be fairly solid for what we see coming up.

During your time on council, you were extremely critical of the city’s Building Department and Chief Building Official William Desvari. Will your administration try to replace him?

KRASIENKO: We’re going to make sure that the building department is going to be user-friendly, they enforce the laws and that they are going to be held accountable. And any employee that can buy into that mission statement is more than welcome to stay. Anybody that can’t live with that, maybe they should look elsewhere.

But it’s an important department for this city. You’ve got significant housing issues and you need to significantly change customer service in the city of Lorain.

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Hot Potato, who’s the person in charge?

A few years back, does anyone remember who said this?

The mayor has to take an active role in the departments that are underneath him.

They have totally ignored the building department and let them run a muck.

From a leadership standpoint he’s been absent there, of being able to control that department.

Maybe the mayor will open his eyes and see what’s going on in the building he is supposedly in every day and start running the city.

I can understand some folks might not necessarily believe what the newspapers print, so if you heard it, would you believe it then?

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